I’m a mother and my name is Erika.

I have three children, if you see me, I have five children, if you know me.

Someone would say that I have three babies on Earth and two babies in Heaven.

baby loss

A few years ago I was in front of my PC, my hands were shaking and my heart pounding. 

I was about to click on the section that defined my condition:

baby loss

I didn’t know anything about baby loss, until it happened to me. 

The general perception is that it’s JUST a misfortune.

Nobody talks about it. It’s not a topic for conversation, or to ask advice about. However, it’s an event experienced by many women. Many of them take it as a personal failure, a shame to hide.

I clicked the button: a world of pain opened up before me.

I stayed there for a while, I felt all that pain, I realized in that moment that I wasn’t a normal mother. I was somehow seen as a loser-mother. I felt divided between normal and abnormal maternity, I was an outcast in the motherhood world.

Since then, I wrote and published a book, I wrote and published several articles on my blogs and I met many mothers like me: mothers divided between normality and abnormality.

At each post published on social networks, my followers usually commented:

I can’t forget.

I can’t believe we are so many… some of us hidden in maternity outcasts world and others hiding in plain sight, in the normal motherhood world, acting like nothing happened.

I think that labels don’t help us.

To divide motherhood in sections produces a distorted reality.

I don’t know what is really normal, but I know what happens frequently, what happens in the outcast world: babies die.

I’m a mother like any other.

I’m a happy mother like any other, insecure and sometimes scared as every other. I lose patience and at the same time I’m able to tap into unexpected resources like any other.

I love my children, everyone, present and absent ones, like any other mother. Every child is a part of me. Each child has made me who I am. I enjoy my life with each of my children, every day, and see them for who they are.

I wish to be able to speak about me and ALL my children, without having to jump the fence, from one world to another.

I want to find a place where it’s obvious and accepted that I can’t forget

I want a place where normality is what happens in both worlds…

I want a place where every mother can feel good, everyday: not divided any more, not abnormal any more, not alone any more.

Here I’m trying to build such a place.


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Translation by Carmen Innocenti (www.hypnobirthing4u.org)

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